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Whether you are buying off-the-shelf software or developing a custom application there is a distinct difference between installing a new system and making it useful and relevant. From configuration to permissions, business rules to data conversion and legacy integration, there is a lot more to getting a system up and running than installing the software.

As a result, the business world is littered with IT systems that are only 90% complete and therefore of little value. Sometimes this can be attributed to the elapsed time from inception to production, sometimes it is due to the rapid evolution of technology and sometimes it is simply because no one addressed “the finish carpentry”. The finish work (aka the last mile) to develop and implement a new system can easily be trivialized, but this is usually where the customization happens and it can make the difference between usable and useless.

At MIDIOR, we support IT teams with their systems implementation efforts. Our breadth of experience, deep technical expertise and love of data combined with our appreciation for the business intent behind technology investments and “the finish carpentry” allow us to provide help where needed. Whether your initiative is a large-scale systems upgrade, complex data conversion effort, migration from a legacy system to a modern one or custom software development, MIDIOR can help you deliver on time and most importantly, meet your business objectives.

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Systems Implementation and
Platform Modernization

Whether your initiative is a large-scale systems upgrade, a complex data conversion effort, or a custom software development project, we provide the knowledge and resources to help business and IT teams deliver on time and to budget. Our highly-experienced consultants have the expert ability to architect solutions, debug technical issues, and execute any work where your resources are thin.


Program Oversight and Project Management

Gain control over the most complex technology programs with our management, coordination, and reporting services. We map the risks, support decisions about approach, and then systematically manage and report on the multiple simultaneous work streams, intersecting schedules, critical dependencies, vendor integrations, and more.

User Adoption

User Adoption

When it comes to upgrades, conversions, or deployments of any kind, user adoption is THE predictor of program success. We have a track record of success in accelerating technology adoption and changing user behavior. We work hard to get into the minds of users and recruit ambassadors - only then can we promote the benefits.

RFP Support

We take on the bulk of the time-consuming work and apply our proven playbook to manage your RFP process with sufficient rigor to support even the largest financial decisions. Gain a rigorous technical and business evaluation of vendors’ products and service capabilities without impacting staff bandwidth.

Member Self Service and
Mobile App Development

Improve member service with a customized mobile app that works with your existing fund administration system without being constrained by it. Deliver increased value to your members by providing them access to their information from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Enable plan participants to check their hours, change their address, look at health eligibility, or even access their pension estimate or annuity balance in real time.