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Requirements Analysis

Generating accurate requirements is the foundation for successful development, yet many teams lack the skills needed to identify and describe the features that will delight users. Excellent requirements are explicit and unambiguous. They also clearly distinguish between “assumed,” ”expected,” and “delighter” functionality.

MIDIOR Consulting’s step-by-step approach to requirements applies equally well to new product definition and systems development. We also believe the process for defining accurate requirements is the same whether we are looking at products or services, platforms or projects:

  • Establish context. Identify the buyers, users and influencers for the capabilities of the product or service.
  • Understand the “why.” Decide what’s important about the effort from the perspective of all constituencies involved.
  • Get into the user’s world. Take a deep dive into the life of the user, observing their challenges through their eyes, in their environment.
  • Consider the alternatives. There are always competitors and alternate solutions and you better have a clear understanding of what they are!
  • Ask a million questions. It’s a research project. Learn how to ask the right questions and how to assess and document the answers (also known as requirements elicitation).
  • Iterate and manage the details. Accept the fact that you will never be done. But know that the further you dig, the more likely you are to get it right.

With accurate requirements, the probability of success increases exponentially. To learn more about MIDIOR’s approach, read the MIDIOR Mailbox Newsletter series about requirements analysis.