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Financial Services

Managing the mission critical platforms and systems that keep a financial services firm running is a very different ballgame than investing "risk capital" in new ideas and concepts. The tension between these two world views is apparent every day in the financial services industry. Unlike in other industries, where there is a clear and tangible line between manufacturing and product development (R&D), financial services firms sell products with “fuzzy edges” and that line is often blurred. For many of our financial services clients, balancing the desire to focus resources on effective underlying systems and technology platforms with the on-going demand for new capabilities to help increase top line revenue can be a challenge, especially if the budget for “keep the lights on” product and technology initiatives is not funded and managed separately from the “grow the business” product and technology programs.

MIDIOR is well known for our work in the financial services industry, with clients spanning the capital markets, banking and insurance sectors. We support asset owners, asset managers and asset servicers along with commercial and investment banks and insurance firms by providing both management consulting and technology services to accelerate product success and improve their return on investment in technology. Our projects range from tuning product organizations to optimizing IT portfolios, conducting market analyses to documenting requirements, implementing new systems to conducting operations reviews and many things in between.

For financial services firms who recognize a need for an unbiased third party to assist with product development and management initiatives or that are seeking highly skilled outside resources for their most critical technology programs or under-staffed initiatives, MIDIOR is the perfect partner.