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About Us

At MIDIOR, our premise is simple - achieve a measurable impact on the bottom line by inspiring excellence in the development, delivery and management of products, services and technology. MIDIOR is a one of a kind firm, uniquely qualified to help our clients reach new levels of innovation and efficiency. We are product aficionados whose mantra is to live in the shoes of our customers’ customers. We are technologists with a passion for delivering business results. We are innovators with our eyes on process for sustainable and repeatable results. We are hard to define - and yet we fit right in the middle of the solution to our client's dilemmas - right there at the intersection of products, technology and business. Every industry, from technology to manufacturing to financial services to education, is entirely dependent on building competencies in the acquisition, development and deployment of products, services and technology. It's as fundamental as knowing how to work the phones - yet it is a complex subject, where success is dependent on the right combination of skills and expertise.

Management Consulting
In our Management Consulting practice, we work intensively with product developers, product managers and executives with a responsibility for products and services. Done well, product development and management have proven to be competencies that truly correlate with growth and profitability and it is clear that "best-in-class" firms are able to deliver lasting competitive advantage, high rates of organic growth and increased profitability through a continuous stream of successful new products and services. The challenge in developing and managing such a portfolio is that product lifecycles are complex, involve many interdependent activities that must evolve in parallel, and rely on collaboration across departments with people who have a varied mix of skills and agendas. Generating new ideas, choosing the right ideas to commercialize, gathering requirements, developing and launching solutions, and gracefully decommissioning obsolete or non-performing products is a continuous process that is often poorly understood and rarely done well.

At MIDIOR, we recognize that product development and management roles cross technical and business lines and may manifest themselves differently in varied organizations and industries. However, the discipline of best practice is always the same and the opportunities to improve rates of return and fuel growth by honing this discipline are tremendous. We help our clients build best in class product organizations and we accelerate key initiatives by supplementing teams, supplying expert knowledge, adding skilled resources or taking on the tasks ourselves.

Technology Services
In our Technology Services practice, we help our clients improve profitability and growth by increasing their “return on technology” by working hand-in-hand with IT and R&D teams. Appropriate and effective use of technology to drive business objectives has become a key competitive advantage for best-in-class companies in all industries. At MIDIOR, we help our clients with the strategic application of technology to create the greatest positive impact on increasing profitability and market share. This is not an easy process. While technology is a critical component of corporate strategy and top line growth, it is also a significant cost center and source of complexity. Successful technology programs can deliver tremendous leverage and strategic advantage. However, it is just as easy to fail to deliver on over-hyped promises.

At MIDIOR, we focus on improving the relevance and leverage of our clients' technology portfolios against their business objectives. Whether we are supporting an IT team in delivering a complex system or executing a large scale data conversion, a development team hoping to retool their technology platform, or a business team trying to define technology requirements or select a software vendor, our role is clear: leave behind a client who is more adept at taking advantage of technology.

Clients Say...

“Smart, flexible people who are good at understanding and creating clarity for complex services. They get to the bottom of why products are not performing – whether it’s the product itself or the way the product is being managed.”

Bruce Buckland

Engineering Discipline, Entrepreneurial Passion

“Our approach is grounded in the entrepreneurial perspective, we use that perspective, combined with our engineering training, to unlock the power that products have in the marketplace.”

Susan Loconto Penta
Founder and Managing Partner